We are building a more inclusive society.

Société Logique is a non-profit organization that aims, through universal design, to increase the functionality of spaces for all citizens, including those with reduced ability to see or hear, or move or understand differently, in order to counteract discrimination and social exclusion. Our advocacy is positive and collaborative, being entirely dedicated to the promotion and defense of collective rights.

Société Logique is also a social economy enterprise offering professional services in architecture, urban development and urban planning to support the implementation of universal design. Through this business model, our commercial activities complement our funding and the generated surpluses allow us to carry out an even greater number of activities to publicize the concept of universal design.

Fields of planning

  • Residential
  • Public spaces
  • Commercial
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Health and Education

Project stages

  • Orientation
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Assessment

Geographical scales

  • Local
  • Regional
  • Provincial
  • National
  • International

" Through our actions and projects, we contribute to the creation of an inclusive and harmonious world in which the entire population can live in complete freedom and safety. Given the versatility of our sectors of intervention, we work in a wide variety of areas, at different stages and on various geographical scales, in regards of all aspects of a person's life. "

— Isabelle Cardinal, Director of Consulting Services

Reflect together

In order to promote universal design, Société Logique is involved in several consultations and brings its expertise and support to groups of organizations promoting and defending the rights of people with functional limitations.

We analyze regulations, programs, policies and processes, and then we make the necessary representations and propose changes to the obstacles identified. Popular education and mobilization are inseparable from our action, so that all citizens are aware of universal design, and can appropriate the concept to ease its implementation regarding urban development issues. Our technical expertise is also part of many committees, where we are able to provide for not only our partner associations, but also elected officials and designers who have the ability to act directly onto environmental obstacles.

Société Logique promotes universal design in several other forums, such as public consultations, major conferences, interviews and newspaper articles, allowing to better define the concept and inform the general public about news in terms of accessible planning and architecture meeting the needs of all citizens.

" In addition to demystifying the issues related to universal accessibility, Société Logique is following global trends and innovates by conducting studies, establishing criteria and principles of universal design and developing new tools and approaches to implement the concept in all design disciplines. "

— Sophie Lanctôt, former Executive Director, strategic consultant.

Our clients and partners

It is only possible to fulfill our mission thanks to our many local, national and international partners, clients and colleagues. Whether they are organizations working in planning, housing, research or health, or whether they are part of associations, communities, municipalities or government, we contribute to their reflection for whom and for what their projects are designed.