Group training in universal design and barrier-free design is intended for planning professionals interested to learn more about the development of accessible spaces. Moreover, Société Logique is a training body accredited by the Labor Market Partners Board (Commission des partenaires du marché du travail) for the purposes of the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition.


  • Help participants to differentiate the notions of adaptation, accessibility and barrier-free design, and universal design;
  • Give them an opportunity to interact with people with functional limitations, in order to better understand their needs;
  • Demonstrate to them the benefits of applying the concept of universal design from the start of the construction and redevelopment project;
  • Develop their capacity to intervene with customers, in favor of universal accessibility;
  • Make them understand the intent, scope and limitations of Quebec Construction Code's sections on barrier-free design and identify universal accessibility alternatives, including useful reference materials.

Theory and technique

The training reviews the different concepts related to barrier-free design compared to universal design, through the point of view of people with functional limitations. We analyze and comment on the articles of the Quebec Construction Code dealing with accessibility and their practical implementation. At the end, using specific case studies, participants are invited to put acquired knowledge into practice and discuss their findings.

Custom made

Société Logique can develop courses related to universal design presented in different forms and adapted to the audience. We propose to explore the specific objectives of a given group of people and to respond to them, whether they are, for example, related to the planning of outdoor or indoor spaces, buildings or public or private locations, or in the management and maintenance of buildings.