Residential adaptation

Société Logique offers a specialized service in residential adaptation to meet the needs of people with functional limitations, their family, professionals working in the health network, as well as different agencies offering home adaptation programs such as the SAAQ or the CNESST.

A complex process

Home adaptation calls for the implication of a wide range of actors with whom we collaborate. Our goal is to find simple and functional layout solutions, that are well integrated and aesthetical, and that meet the principles of universal accessibility. It is also important that the adaptations affect as little as possible the resale or rental value of the home, hence the interest in consulting our expert consultants in universal design.

Project management

We care about the autonomy and safety of the occupant living with a functional limitation. Whether it is a rental housing, a property or a future home, our professionals will identify environmental barriers and make recommendations on facilities and appropriate equipment. They will prepare the documents required for obtaining bids from building contractors, and will analyze the bids to advise on construction costs.

Successful results

Once the work on the adaptation is completed, our consultants will conduct a site visit to assess its performance in accessibility. The architectural solutions adopted must meet the needs of the person with a functional limitation and their family, while respecting the originally defined program and budget parameters.