Are you looking for information on universal design or on layouts of public or private buildings and places, equipment or objects? We answer frequently asked questions for free and we can send you technical documentation about your topics of interest.

Standards and regulations

We can inform you about current building regulations and Quebec Construction Code's requirements regarding barrier-free design. In addition, many universal accessibility standards and performance criteria have been developed to better meet the needs of people with all types of functional limitations.


Our consultants can recommend arrangements, equipment and other products intended to make places and buildings more easily accessible. They may also refer you to suppliers and installers of equipment or products related to universal accessibility, as well as provide you with information on available financial assistance programs.

Technical datasheets

At Société Logique, we develop technical reference guides and datasheets that offer universal accessibility criteria on specific topics or to meet the particular needs of some customers. These tools are aimed at people involved in the design, construction, renovation, planning or management of buildings and public places. They are illustrated and refer, when needed, to the requirements of the Quebec Construction Code. Many of our technical datasheets are available for free.

We can send you information on universal design guidelines and criteria for all components of parking areas, residential dwellings and common areas, drop-off areas and access ramps, entrances and exterior access, stairs and elevators, colors and contrasts, lighting and signage, horizontal circulation, as well as all components of outdoor facilities.


Request a technical datasheet

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