Construction projects

Société Logique offers consulting services in planning to anyone who wants to integrate the concept of universal design into a new construction or a renovation project. Whether it is for a public building, landscaping, a multi-family or single-family home, we offer collaboration to achieve flexible and functional environments that can be inhabited by everyone, including people with functional limitations.

Act on barriers

Aiming for universal design consists of actions that will meet the needs of some people, while being profitable to all users of a space, because they are incorporated in the very essence of the project and in the arrangements achieved. The space must allow to be visited in a similar way by everyone: its design must be simple, its paths intuitive and its layouts comprehensible. To act on barriers while avoiding to create new ones maximizes the impact of our present and future interventions, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

As soon as possible

The key to a good process is to consider universal design from the very beginning, in order to reap the full benefits without cost increases on the project. The choices made at the initial moment when the client and the professionals define and refine their vision, particularly in relation to the organization of the site and the location of the building, before even giving the contract to the architect and making plans, are decisive for the final result.

Expert advice

Crucial decisions are taken at each stage of a construction or renovation project and they have a direct impact on the accessibility performance of a layout. Our consultants will assist involved designers and managers at each stage of a project to ensure optimal and universal results. We offer support for the architectural program and for building sketches that determine implementation features, as well as for preliminary plans and construction plans and specifications.