Introductory workshops on universal design are offered to people able to take concrete action to make places, objects and environments more accessible and functional for everyone.


  • Introduce participants to the context, statistics and general principles of universal design;
  • Sensitize them to the everyday life of people living with various functional limitations and the importance of having access to facilities designed according to their needs;
  • Allow them to meet people living with a functional limitation and to exchange views on issues and needs linked to accessibility;
  • Provide them the experience of moving and using building facilities or sites by specifically testing their accessibility, during an interactive guided tour;
  • Raise awareness on their contribution towards the implementation of universal facilities.

Flexible formulas

One of the proposed formulas is a session divided into 3 parts: theory, testimony and exploration. Our exploratory walks of a building or a space, selected according to the objectives of awareness of the team, are very popular. Upon request, awareness workshops can be complemented by a session of site plan analysis, in which participants will learn to identify accessibility problems. The studied projects may be submitted by the group or chosen based on specific objectives.

The community

Presented by Société Logique in partnership with the community sector of people with functional limitations, these workshops have proven to be excellent prerequisites for the implementation of development projects that perform better in terms of universal accessibility.