Fifteen organizations working to defend the rights of people with disabilities in Quebec launched today the national awareness campaign Pour un Québec accessible (For an accessible Quebec), which aims to improve the accessibility of businesses and local services for people with a motor disability.

Being a primary factor of autonomy, inclusion and social participation, architectural accessibility of buildings and the adapted equipment they contain are essential for people with reduced mobility, in order to be able to benefit from essential services such as visits to a family doctor or a dentist. This is why organizations working for people with disabilities came together and decided to collaborate in leading this national campaign to raise awareness of accessibility issues among the general public, staff and decision-makers.

A promotional video was also unveiled. It will be broadcast by major TV channels, as well as on social media. You can watch it now on YouTube.

More details and upcoming activities on the campaign’s website :

For more information, read our official press release (French language only).