Tania Paula Garza Rico

Tania Paula Garza Rico defines herself as a woman, an architect and an immigrant. She began her studies in Mexico before obtaining a Master’s degree in Architecture at Université Laval. A member of the Ordre des Architectes du Québec and a lecturer at ÉAUL, Paula has explored the links between housing and social justice in projects in Tunisia, Mexico, the United States and Quebec.

As Head of Architecture and Housing at Société Logique, Paula applies her technical and conceptual knowledge, as well as her interdisciplinary leadership experience, to advocate an inclusive and collaborative design approach. She firmly believes that universal design can be a valuable tool for bridging the systemic gaps that limit access to quality housing for all.

« Architecture is not only a reflection of our societal priorities and values; it is also a driver of change. Let’s challenge our collective creativity to imagine spaces that celebrate our diversity. »