Member of the Quebec Order of Architects since 1982, Sylvie Quintin holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and is specialized as a consultant in universal accessibility at Société Logique since 1992. Promoting the implementation of projects that are functional for all citizens, she has developed various tools and activities to foster and disseminate the concept of universal design: publication of articles, training and awareness sessions, studies and research.

Sylvie Quintin has collaborated on various assignments on universal accessibility for municipalities, organizations and government ministries. She encourages the pooling of the diverse expertise of all stakeholders within the construction industry, in order to contribute to the formal and functional quality of the built environment. Socially committed, she has contributed to the universal design performance of many projects for new and existing buildings and public spaces, as well as social housing and real estate developments accessible to all. Very active in the residential sector as well, her sensitivity and her experience make her an outstanding advisor for home adaptation projects.

« Universal design does not solely integrate the needs of people with functional limitations. It also favors a fair and safe use of space by all patrons, in the interests of standardization and inclusion. »


Photography by Josie Montserrat.