Executive Director of Société Logique for nearly 30 years, Sophie Lanctôt has a bachelor’s degree in urban planning as well as a graduate degree in Business Administration (DSA) from “Hautes Études Commerciales” (HÉC). A specialist in universal accessibility, she is particularly interested in architecture and urban development through the accompaniment of projects, through the drafting of guides to good universal design practices, through training initiatives and as a lecturer.

Influential, determined and always on the lookout for new challenges, Sophie Lanctôt sits on several boards of directors and collaborates with a number of local, municipal and provincial advisory committees, leading on issues of universal accessibility. She is in favor of initiatives for representation and partnership where universal design is the result of the attention given to the user and his needs in terms of architecture, urban development, transport, acceptance, communication and access to programs and services. Under her leadership, Société Logique has become a driving force for change in the promotion of universal design and the creation of universally accessible environments, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of all citizens.

« Our needs, our abilities and our way of living in our environment are constantly changing, from our birth to the end of our lives. Universal design brings a new dimension to the notions of diversity, inclusion and sustainability by considering all the stages of life in one single space. »


Photography by Josie Montserrat.