Mylène Loiselle is an architect with a many years of experience and diverse training within Montreal architecture firms. Member of the Quebec Order of Architects since 2016, she has been working as a consultant in universal design at Société Logique for almost 5 years. Mylène brings expertise in integrating accessibility into architectural and interior design projects, as well as in urban design.

Her sensitivity and knowledge about the needs of people with functional limitations make her an outstanding guide in terms of housing trends. Mylène collaborates with multidisciplinary teams, whether it is for the analysis of requirements and concerns, the assistance with modernization, the search for integration solutions with universal design or the development of plans towards the transformation of regular housing units into adapted homes. She regularly leads workshops on universal design and exploratory walks aimed at students or design professionals.

« In practice, environments should be designed to be used in the same way by the largest number of people. Whether it is to accommodate all types of deficiency or all situations of temporary disability, universal design responds effectively to the particular needs of a group of individuals, while benefiting their entourage as well as the entire population. »


Photography by Josie Montserrat.