Graduate in urban planning and project management, Martine Laurin is responsible for consulting on land use and urban planning topics at Société Logique. Her area of interest is the realization of universal urban developments that support active transportation that are safe for all pedestrians. In particular, she is in charge to coordinate and carry out an audit measuring pedestrian potential of the built environment, while integrating universal accessibility criteria.

Before joining the team at Société Logique, Martine Laurin was a research officer in city planning and urban development, and author of a guide on environments conducive to healthy lifestyles in municipalities at the Montreal Public Health Department. Her professional skills are reflected in different collaborations with the municipal sector in order to assess the universal accessibility of implementation programs and urban redevelopment of the public domain. Her artistic nature together with her critical mind aid her in making precise portraits of performance indicators and in conceiving factual scenarios for developments suitable for all, that are ingenious and functional.

« In order to take concrete action on planning and influence interventions within the public domain, in favor of safe active transportation for all pedestrians, we need data, portraits, diagnoses and a recourse to universal design. »


Photography by Josie Montserrat.