Universal design must take its place in Quebec! We’re looking for someone interested in becoming a Société Logique director.

Do you believe that architecture, design and urban planning can help make cities more inclusive? Are you motivated by the idea of participating in the sound management and sustainability of a community organization?

Would you like to work towards realizing the mission of an organization that sees design, architecture and urban planning as important levers for inclusion and the fight against inequality? Do you see universal accessibility as a quality criterion for our built environments?

Do you like your opinion to be taken into account in the management of the organization, and do you want to be involved in decision-making?

If these few lines match your values, Société Logique is looking for new members and board members!

Société Logique, a community and social economy organization, is the leader of universal design in Quebec. Universal design is a worldwide movement that places human diversity at the heart of sustainable urban development.

In the spirit of equity, universal design means designing public space in such a way that anyone, regardless of age, gender expression or ability, can find their way around, circulate and enjoy similar experiences, at the same time as everyone else.

If you meet one or more of the following criteria, you’ll be a perfect addition to our current directors’ profiles:

  • You have a disability, or you act as a caregiver for someone in your household living with functional limitations;
  • You are a designer, architect or landscape architect in private practice or in the social economy;
  • You are a lawyer (business law; contract law) or are familiar with strategic planning for NPOs;
  • You have a good knowledge of Quebec’s associative sector, working with people with disabilities or seniors;
  • You have strong links with the research community, in a field relevant to our mission;
  • You have experience as a director of a national NPO.

Priority will be given to people of diverse abilities. If you are interested in this adventure, please send your application (letter of interest and CV) to info@societelogique.org by March 15, 2024.