Architect and a specialized consultant in universal design, Anna Kwon holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Paris-La Défense School of Architecture and a master’s degree in architecture from Paris-Val de Seine National Superior School of Architecture. Member of the Quebec Order of Architects since 2013, she has nearly 10 years of experience within architecture firms in the province. Sensitive and skilled, she has also collaborated on a wide variety of projects with builders, architects, engineers and landscape architects.

Anna Kwon has a long-standing interest for the stakes of universal design and her work is dedicated to the search for concrete and refined solutions to improve the quality of life of people with functional limitations. Actively involved with community organizations and municipalities, she has coordinated several civic mobilization and awareness activities on universal design in the urban environment. She is the author of studies on the integration of building accessibility features and of dissertations related to social development, diversity and inclusion.

« For a few years, I lived in a community with people coping with intellectual or physical disabilities. I gained a great understanding of the obstacles they have to overcome on a daily basis and I discovered the inefficiency of the built environment. The complexity of the problems to be solved fuels my desire to contribute to architecture through universal design. »


Photography by Josie Montserrat.